Environment & Sociology series

by tom mcivor

Aboriginals: Fire & Environment

Aboriginal Australians have lived in Australia for at least 40,000 years.[1] Primary sources on their own are unsuitable to provide valuable insight about Aboriginal attitudes towards the environment and how they shaped, managed and...

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Emile Durkheim: Japanese Ethnography on Suicide

Emile Durkheim’s 1897 theory on suicide provides a comprehensive sociological explanation on a society’s suicide rate. Durkheim’s arguments can help to make sense of the different forms of suicide in Japan, however there are...

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Short Essays on Sociology

Essay One Witchcraft and magic are phenomenon that have given rise to different approaches by anthropologists. On the one hand, some anthropologists believe that magic and witchcraft play a crucial functional role in other...

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Climate Change Policy Recommendations

Initial policy recommendations: Addressing global warming and the effect of CO2 emissions is one of upmost importance, and it is just as difficult to solve. This phenomenon reduces economic growth, erodes food security and...

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3 Scientific Research Methods

Human understanding on the concepts ‘big history’ and ‘deep time’ are always changing and developing because of the introduction and contributions of different scientific research methods. Some methods hold high historical significance due to...

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